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One small addition, below.

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> > [...]
> > The induced-abnormality occurs be-cause prefrontal cortex
> > on the dominant side is approached differentially, and it's
> > activation-interaction with the rest of the brain is commens-
> > urately different(?).
> For folks who have AoK, all that's needed has been in AoK
> all along, in particular, Ap7 [but all of AoK is needed].
> What Neil's observing is a way in which the "meta phases"
> of Volition can be interfered with, in a way that, further,
> 'accentuates' their functionalities as they are discussed in
> AoK, Ap7.
> Neil's stuff constitutes an artificial [externally-applied] im-
> position of relative-disorder upon the PFCx's 'normal' high-
> level TD E/I-minimization dynamics.
> The subjectivity-of-'time' stuff is discussed in AoK, Ap8.
> Neil's experimental results have been in AoK all along.
> I recognized it as a PFCx thing because I had to work-out
> what underpins the subjective experience of what's been
> referred to as "time" during the development of NDT. [My
> work in Tapered Harmony sealed-it, because I've really
> 'hammered'-on spherical harmonics. What's relevant to the
> present discussion is the way what's been referred to as
> "nuclear spin" is Reified in TH. Ananalysis of interacting
> SSW<->UES compression<->expansion harmonics dis-
> closes that they experience a mutual 'torque' that derives
> in the way that their compressions and expansions inter-
> act. Anyway, this work laid-plain what was going-on in
> Neil's experiment.]
> The subjective-'time' differential occurs be-cause of the
> way that a 'sweeping' field is either in, or not-in, PFCx
> as the dominant hemisphere is approached [which reverses
> when the clockwise-ness reverses]. This relative approach
> dominant-hemisphere PFCx is a maroscopic 'analogue' of
> 'nuclear spin', and probably hooks-up with the SSW<->UES
> harmonics comprising the nervous system at the 'level' of
> what's been referred to as "nuclear spin", which occurs as
> above [preceding paragraph].
> If you want to see this [the torque], just inflate two balloons
> simultaneously :-]
> > This's Testable via old "delayed discrimination" prefrontal
> > methodologies. [No additional 'scanning' apparatus is re-
> > quired, so you should have the Results within a 'week'.]
> > [...]
> The delayed-discrimination results will show analogous
> measurable 'clock-time' shifts, but it's =not= 'time' that's
> involved, but relative TD E/I that occurs as a function of
> the disorder that the experimental setup imposes upon
> nervous system [brain] function. The more disorder, the more
> TD E/I-minimization work must be performed to attain
> response criterion, which is externally-observable as
> 'discrimination' variations that will(?) be coupled to what
> Neil has referred to as "subjective time".

The measurable 'clock-time' differential will be inversely-
correlated to the subjective-'time' differential. kpc

> It's Simple, really, and, except for the spherical-geometrical
> variation stuff, it's all been in AoK's discussion of the "meta-
> phases" all along.
> Neil, if you're reading this, I Apologize to you, of course
> the stuff you discussed is relevant with respect to questions
> of externally-induced 'dysfunction'.
> But, man-o-man! you tapped-right-into my personal 'Agony' -
> You should have just cut to the chase instead of making me
> 'walk-through a labyrinth' to only get to the 'punch-line'.
> My personal resources are too-precious for anything else.
> So don't 'go-away'.
> I'd like to hear more about your work.
> Just, please, in interaction with me, state your Best-interests
> up-front. Here in b.n, I'm always "on", and I'm =Fighting= for
> the Survival of Humanity, with all my 'heart'.
> ken [k. p. collins]

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