Migraine Aura w/out Headache - Scary

Migraineur migraine_victim at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 12 15:04:04 EST 2004

Doktor DynaSoar <targeting at OMCL.mil> wrote in message news:<r1u250t7n142tpglm1eksce64dh4a656a7 at 4ax.com>... 
> Now, to be clear on this, these symptoms are WITHOUT medication?

Yes. I am not on any medications. My doctor has just started me on a
medicine that will widen my blood vessels. This is supposed to treat
the migraine aura.

> Most definitely see a doctor right away and get referred to a
> neurologist, or some other specialist on migraines. Some of your
> symptoms may be migraine, or may be indicative of other problems that
> are similar to, but not the same as, a migraine.

My neurologist states that it in fact is a migraine w/out headache.
The advice I was given is to avoid eating butter, cheese, betal leaf
(an herb used as breath-freshener), coffee, or chocolate. The doctor
calls these "bad" foods. He also suggested to avoid looking at 3-D
designs and abstain from playing Virtual Reality games.

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