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Fri Mar 12 20:26:42 EST 2004

"Lucas Ward" <brainwaive at> wrote in message
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> Where can I get access to his work which he refers to?

I usually send it out, gratis, in the form
of an old hypertext doc that runs under
MSDOS[tm] and Windows[tm], or in
DOS emulation in Linux[tm?].

But, my eMail's 'broken' [by an inadvertant
mistake of =my own=] so I can't "Send"
eMail until I fix that [probably not for a
couple of weeks, because I've got to 'jump
through some hoops'].

I've sent out a lot of copies in the past, and,
maybe, if you ask, someone else will send
you the self-extracting file.

[Please don't tell me who sends it, because
I don't want to know.]

Cheers, Lucas, ken [k. p. collins]

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