Differential EEG - Clarification

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> Clarification, below.
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> If what's transpired has been in any way Connected to
> the upcoming Templeton Prize announcement, then, Sir
> John, I ask you to pass me by, because that means that
> there's 'Difficult' stuff that remains needing doing, and it's
> best that you 'stand-clear'.
> If there's no Connection, then, if you choose me, I'll take
> it as a Loan, and return it to you after I've been able to
> present my work Publicly. It's the only way, because
> I've, formerly, given my Word. One's Word, once given,
> binds one.

I've Analyzed what's been going-on,
as it's been playing itself out on the
'stock market'.



Further Analysis promises to be very-
'interesting', and Vary-Disclosing, 'two'.

And, Very-'interesting', also.

It's, literally, a War that's being waged
upon America, by 'americans'.

K. P. Collins

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