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> > Where can I get access to his work which
> > he refers to?
> A partial simulation can be achieved by using
> a word processor to cut and repeatedly paste
> the phrase "I stand on what I've posted."
> Sorry - a cheap shot.  But I am frustrated by
> Ken's unwillingness to place the material on
> an accessible site.  I asked him for it a couple
> of times and never received it.
>       Matthew.

I've sent AoK to =everyone= who's ever asked
for it.

I've also explained that my 'online' experience
has been such that I do not Trust 'the web'. [It'd
be different if I could meet with folks in-person.]

So I don't understand what you're saying, above,
Matthew, and would Appreciate it if you'd ex-
plain [if you care to].

Have you asked me to send you AoK?

K. P. Collins

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