neuroscience training?

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Sat Mar 13 23:01:52 EST 2004

I looked for your article on the British Journal of Pharmacology web 
site... and I couldn't find it. I've found other reference to it... that it 
was published in April, I can't find it on PubMed either... When I do a 
search for Longley and Deakin (who was the person you wrote it with right?) 
I only get one hit, for an article written in 1991.

What's going on?

David Longley <David at> wrote in
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> Listen carefully Ken. Everyone is neophobic to some extent, including 
> you. It's a UCR, and it's very probably (in my view) the sine qua non 
> for learning (albeit not perhaps in the way we normally think of it). 
> My own work was on this many years ago (see my report "Naloxone
> Enhances Neophobia" in Brit. J. Pharm 1981, or on the web )..
> Neophobia is a defensive, reflexive behaviour.

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