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} > Where can I get access to his work which he refers to?
} I usually send it out, gratis, in the form
} of an old hypertext doc that runs under
} MSDOS[tm] and Windows[tm], or in
} DOS emulation in Linux[tm?].

Ken, when you have something that you're sending out as an attachment,
and your email is broken (or the attachment is larger than your
provider allows in email) you can also use usenet. There are many
newsgroups for posting "binaries", which are attachments, but sent on
usenet. Look through the list of available newsgroup for
alt.binaries.* (the star being the wildcard, just as in DOS, meaning
alt.binaries.anthing_that_follows...). There are some for general use,
and anyone can post anything there. You can post it there, then come
here and tell people what newsgroup and what Subject: to look for, and
they can get it. This also makes it easy on you in that you only have
to upload it once and several people can get it -- you don't have to
upload it to each one separately. The down sides are, the binaries
groups typically have their messages erased after just a few days
rather than a couple weeks like most "chat" groups. Also, anyone can
download it. If the latter part bothers you, you can always Zip it up
with a password, and when you post here saying where it is and what
it's called, also give the pasword. That way, only those who see your
message here will be able to read it.

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