Prediction Verified

ken kpaulc at
Sun Mar 14 18:51:35 EST 2004

My 'heart' is with all who Suffer-Greatly in

I, long-ago, sent an Analysis to Journalists,
forwarning with respect to 'the date' of
an attack that'd probably occur. [I did not
provide a a specific-'target', but did Explain
that it'd come in a weakly-defensed location.
The Terrorists Attack where folks aren't
'looking', which are myriad.]

By my Calculation, the 'date' I Predicted
missed-it by one 'day'.

The Spanish Train Bombings [by my Calc-
ulation] occurred 912 'days' after 2001-09-11.

So, where did the 'chain'-of-pre-Caution Break-

Did the Journalists pass-on my Analysis?

Did the Authorities 'dismiss' it?

There have been dozens of analogous cases,
with respect to which I provided Analysis that
forwarned, and which Proved to be Accurate.

So, if all of this Analytical Work was for-not -
if folks 'just'-'dismissed' it - perhaps folks'll
listen, now?

Toward that end, I =NEED= my Inet account
to be Protected, and not 'hacked' by 'profit-
seekers', and the Work I do not ab-used.

K. P. Collins

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