Continuum of Relative Familiarities

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Sun Mar 14 21:49:41 EST 2004

There was an Important Article in The =New
York Times= last Saturday, 2004-03-13,
"Study Finds a Nation of Polarized Readers",
by E. Eakin [I didn't catch the page - it was
in their routinely-Excellent "Ideas" section
that's in each Saturday Issue of The =NYT=.]

The Artical was accompanied by an Excellent
Graphic [two-pages-preceding the Article].

The Graphic depicted [Quoting from its caption]:
"Polarized Nation: A study of purchase patterns
of political books reveals that buyers of liberal
books (blue) [n = 32] tend to buy only other lib-
eral books, while buyers of concervative books
(red) [n = 30] usually buy only other conservative
books. Nonpartisan titles are gray [n = 3]. Page
A15." [Oh, there's the page # of the Article :-]

The Graphic is a network diagram that maps the

Perhaps it can be found at their web site:

Anyway, the network diagram also maps the book
purchases on the "continuum of relative familiarities"
[AoK, Ap4], and, in doing so, discloses the TD E/I-
minimization dynamics for the two 'groups' of book-
buyers, which are "affectively-inverted" with respect
to each other.

'liberals' achieve TD E/I-minimization by 'moving
toward' that with which they've become 'familiar',
and by 'moving ways from' that with respect to which
they remain 'unfamiliar', and 'conservatives' do the
same :-]


Yeah, in terms of TD E/I-minimization, 'conservatives'
and 'liberals' do the Same-Stuff.

Where all the 'heat' comes from is that, as Children
mature to become little 'liberals' or little 'conservatives,
their 'familiar' experience is Coerced by their Genera-
tion - 1 Family members - in the way that they select
their Children's external experiential environments.

It's all self-perpetuating, intergenerationally.

And the virtual Civil War that Rages within America,
between 'Conservatives' and 'Liberals' derives in no-
thing-more than 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, left uncomprehended.

When a 'liberal' bashes a 'conservative', and vice versa,
she or he is =not= 'bashing' on the basis of Information-
Content, but is doing so on the basis of the 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization that occurs within their nerv-
ous system.

It's all so-Sorrowfully-'Funny', be-cause, if Infants were
'poofed' from 'conservative' Housholds to 'Liberal' House-
holds, and vice versa, at Birth, the 'mature' Individuals
would end-up doing the Same-Stuff, but in the opposite

And, yet, the 'heat' is so Great that folks literally Ravage
each others' Beings.

Across Humanity, the Same-Stuff compounds, powerfully,
forming the basis of all 'them-vs.-us' 'Struggles', including
the Terrorist Attacks and the War to end Terrorist Attacks,
and the generally-augmenting proliferation of weapons of
mass destruction.

And it's =all= 'just' 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
left uncomprehended.

Folks on the one 'side' tend to focus upon folks' Suffering,
and folks on the other 'side' tend to focus upon the 'crazy'
things folks who Suffer do - but it's all 'just' 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended.

All of the discussion in AoK, Ap4 is Pertinent to this book-
buying 'peek' into the "continuum of relative familiarities".

Folks Murder one another for no other 'reason' that the
stuff that's in AoK has remained, generally, Uncomprehended.

"Homo Sapiens" ...?

This 'stuff' is Universal within Human interactive dynamics,
and Dictates behavior, Unthinkingly, and Mercilessly.

It must be seen for the Unworthy-Nothingness that it is, if
Humanity is to Survive.

I'm Sorry, what's here should be much-more than what's

I'm 'tired'.

Spend some Quiet 'time', working-on-it in your own Good
noggin' labs.

K. P. Collins

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