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Hi John,

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> Ken:
> Hypoxia: lack of oxygen
> Standing on what you post: you would be reaching
> the sky by now given your posting proclivities.
> Therefore you would be suffering oxygen deprivation.

Having cleaned a stable, here and there, I wasn't
oblivious to the general quality-of-air 'problem' :-]

First, my view is that =Everyone= can 'move toward'
Truth in ways that foster ~"being sure your feet are in
the right place, and, then standing firm" [Abraham Lincoln]

This's a big part of what I'm working to enable folks
to see.

My 'standing-on-what-I-post' is just more of
what I always try to do - Honor Truth, all the
more Determinedly, when it's Hard to do so.

Understanding that it's all 'just' TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, and having a 'feel' for the "amygdalar-priming"
threshold, makes it endurable, if not 'Pleasant'.

The 'middle' moves, to the degree that folks ex-
perience TD E/I(down) with respect to it.

But, if it's Truth, it's always 'Safe' to 'stand-on-it'.

> Sinking in shit:

You're 'just' Honorably-'Modest', and you've never
come close to that, John, and you won't while there's
Life in-me.

> No-one here is addressing my specific area of interest:
> progressive neurodegeneration arising from TBI and
> transient deficits relating to the same. Hence I'm wasting
> my time here, hence the more I post the more I'm
> sinking in shit.

Well, let's see... the 'progressiveness' usually stems from
there being a TD E/I(up) contition that's 'not' TD E/I-
minimizable, be-cause there's something 'missing' in the
'normal' neural Topology.

But this isn't, necessarily, a 'show-stopper', because pre-
frontal cortex can build "prefrontal constellations" with re-
spect to anything, and everything, that occurs elsewhere
within the nervous system.

If the "constraint" Therapy results are going as you de-
scribed them, for instance, it's a virtual-certainty that
there's a PF "constellation" being developed, and which
exerts action [as is discussed in AoK, Ap7] that's in-
volved in the Therapy's going-well.

The =same= can be done in-general.

Why it, routinely, isn't so done is because PFCx's gov-
ernance of the "meta-phases" of the brain's information-
processing have not been, generally, comprehended.

Working with them - working in a way that 'nourishes'
[enhances] PFCx function requires 'strange' [counter-
intuitive] Choices to be made. One has to, literally,
attend in a 'on-the-inside-looking-out' way, and, to do
this, requires, first, coming up-to-speed in NDT [and
'moving away from' Nay-sayers who do not, yet, com-
prehend NDT - which is most of what makes working
PFCx dynamics 'hard' - the necessary 'strangeness'
always occurs in ways that elevate TD E/I within virtually
all of the non-NDT-understanding nervous systems that
are encountered, and those nervous systems 'take-offense',
and actualize behaviors that impose TD E/U(up) back
upon the nervous system that's doing the PFCx Work -
and everything tends to 'break-down' right-there, be-
cause the sought-after PFCx work is diverted into
dealing with the externally-imposed TD E/I(up) that
nervous systems reacting to the necessary 'strangeness'
induce-back - which, I'm sure all those working in
Constraint Therapy will immediately Recognize, and

It's some of NDT's most-promising stuff, but I've not,
yet, even been able to get into it - it remains too 'strange' -
folks do not, yet, have a good-enough general-handle on
NDT's stuff, and, when I try to reach-further into NDT's
stuff, all that happens is that I get 'beat-up' by the folks
whose nervous systems are experiencing too-much TD
E/I. It's, inherently, the essence of 'psychological' "double-

So I can go-forward only a little-bit at a 'time', keeping
everything 'below' folks "amygdalar-priming thresholds",
which is 'hard' because the thresholds vary with individuals.

But, if I can hold-on, a while longer, you'll receive some
Truly-Wonderful stuff with respect to your area of interest.

[And, if folks'll meet with me, in-person, the 'delay' can be
minimized [presuming that folks who'd so meet with me,
would, in fact, be 'geared-up' to understand, and not want-
to 'prove' that they can't understand.]

Meanwhile, I have been working, ever-so-gently, toward
this direction.

> Fair enough, I'd never make a living as a comedian.
> John

I've been wanting to tell you, BTW, I wouldn't express
my Gratitude to you [in a recent post] by trying to 'kiss'

I'd probably wait until we were along, get down on my
knees, bow my head, and say, "Thanks" - making sure
you understood what I was "Thanking you" for.


Go back and reread what's above. It's a case of the 'strange-
ness' in-point, and I do stuff, like this, routinely, because
I understand how it works to 'present a Gift' that Endures,
and Grows, to the benefit of the one who receives the Gift.

But, see? It's all a bit 'strange', which is why, as above, it's
'hard'-to-do, and Rare within Human interactive dynamics.

Me? I'm Used-to-it :-]

[My health - it's my Heart. Ironic, ain't it? [I have no
Medical Insurance, so I can't get treated. It's my own
Fault - 'smoking' too-much to 'turn-off' the 'aloneness'.
So, I'm in a Race. Seems I've always been Racing some-
thing. My Mom's Death. My Dad's Death. Now, my
Death. I've yet to Win any these 'races'. But, why Waste
what I've left? So, I'm 'pushing', a bit. That's all.]]

Cheers, John, ken [k. p. collins]

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> > > > I stand on what I posted.
> > > >
> > > > K. P. Collins
> > >
> > > Now come on Ken, if the above be true
> > > you must be suffering hypoxia by now.
> > > Fortunately I don't stand on what I post,
> > > otherwise I'd be sinking in shit.
> > >
> > >
> > > John H.
> > >
> > >
> >
> > I don't know what you're talking about, here, John.
> >
> > I've explained that, unless I RETRACT, CORRECT,
> > or Clarify, I stand on what I've posted.
> >
> > I also Guard Free Will :-]
> >
> > But I don't know what you're talking about, above.
> >
> > ken [k. p. collins]
> >
> >

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