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An aside, below.

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> > [...]
> > PFCx can do all sorts of True-Wonder stuff, but it does it
> > all as is discussed in AoK, Ap7, except in a vastly-more-
> > Rich 'field-of-action'.
> >
> > It literally is "the brain's 'brain'" [a 'brain' within the brain,
> > which functions, with respect to the brain, as the brain
> > functions with respect to the body.]
> In this, it uses the lower-'level' TD E/I-minimization
> mechanisms, seamlessly. That is, it's not =just= PFCx
> that constitutes this "brain within the brain". It's as is dis-
> cussed in AoK, Ap7 - the highest-'level', longest-term,
> TD E/I-minimization "Governor", and it's "Boss" with
> respect to everything else. 'Course, a "volitional dimin-
> ishing-returns decision" threshold that's set too-low,
> 'forsakes' most of the information-processing power
> that's innate within PFCx. kpc

Folks 'think' that, because I'm always 'pushing', or be-
cause I'm 'Difficult' when I'm deep-into-NDT, that that
'means' that "I'm this or that".

But all I'm ever doing is maintaining my "volitional dimin-
ishing-returns decision" threshold as high as I can. 'Nurturing
the "prefrontal constellations" that I've accrued during Life's
experience - not letting them to be held in any way that's
less-than what they are - a 'Map' of Truth, itself, as I've ex-
perienced Truth while ranging-widely with respect to WDB2T.

In this, I'm, literally, Guarding my own Free Will :-]

Which is Good-Reason to do the same for others.

I Hope, one 'day' folks'll Comprehend this stuff.

It's the most-Beautiful Stuff that I Know of, within all of
physical reality. kpc

> > It's gone largely-untapped - left on 'autopilot'.
> >
> > Which is kind of like if one is sitting on a 'mountain of gold',
> > unaware that one is, in fact, sitting on a mountain of gold.
> >
> > k. p. collins

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