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Mon Mar 15 08:31:51 EST 2004

Ken, this has nothing to do with neuroscience.

Like so much of what you post, it roams far too freely and widely and 
you are just exploiting people's sensitivities with respect to these 
matters to elicit other people's collusion/reinforcement of your 

This seems to be a characteristic behavioural strategy of folk with your 
sort of problem. You'll use *any* means you can - but the fact remains 
that in all cases it is *inappropriate* behaviour given the context. 
Repeat that to your self several times Ken. It is *inappropriate 
behaviour for the context* - that's what makes it quite clear that your 
behaviour is a problem, not only to you, but to others.

Get yourself checked out.

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>> My 'heart' is with all who Suffer-Greatly in
>> Spain.
>> [...]
>On hearing, on NPR this morning, that the
>newly-elected Leadership of Spain is plan-
>ning to pull Spain's Troops out of Iraq, and,
>that, being a 'result' of the Terrorist attacks
>in Spain, it will Probably be the case that
>the Terrorists will try to do the 'same' sort
>of thing with respect to the U. S. Elections,
>next Fall.
>There is 'time' to gear-up. To 'achieve' their
>'goals', the Terrorists must strike high-density
>So, between now and the Presidential Elec-
>tion, folks, here in the U. S. have to Learn
>Vigilance, and how to quickly hook-up with
>the Authorities to report any unusual 'moving
>toward' or 'away from'.
>Emergency reactions have to be practiced,
>in all venues, but =especially= in places where
>there is a 'sense' that "it won't happen here".
>This can be helped if folks who normally
>travel via the same means, but who don't
>=share= the experience by acknowledging
>one another - or talking - start 'checking-in'
>with each other during their daily commutes.
>What such traveling groups should do is
>'form teams' with the goal of maximizing
>their mutual Vigilance. Learn how to evaluate
>unusual occurrences, and be watchful with
>respect to 'sleepers' who might be already
>practicing their routines, their 'goal' being
>to establish 'familiarity' that will 'dissipate'
>Vigilance. These folks can be 'found-out'
>because they'll not be 'moving toward'
>legitimate end-of-travel goals, such as go-
>ing to work each 'day'.
>I'm Sorry to have to do this, but I can See
>that there's a Need for it.
>The Terrorists will want to 'strike-back'
>in the Election 'time'-frame.
>It's up to the U. S. Citizenry to gear-up
>for this, starting as soon as possible.
>K. P. Collins

David Longley

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