Prediction Verified

BilZ0r bilz0r at
Mon Mar 15 17:21:37 EST 2004

Don't be so ridiculously American-centric. 911 and its associated with
emergency hot lines only holds true for Americans.

You don't think it might have had a little bit more to do with this
Spanish elections?

"ken" <kpaulc at> wrote in message news:<Eb95c.38911

> The Calculation is Simple - just count the 'days'
> from 2004-09-11 until you get "911".
> The Terrorists are 'playing' on the 'relationship'
> between "911" and 'calls for help', in a Sinister
> 'joke' about American 'society'. They Learned
> to do this from their viewing American Media fair.

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