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Tue Mar 16 01:48:37 EST 2004

I Love America, but 'me' "American-

Ho, ho, ho :-]

I'm Human-'centric'. NDT is for =every-
one= because its stuff applies to =every-
one=, equally.

With respect to your other comment,
one must 'get-into' the 'minds' of the

They declared their view on who their
'enemy' is on 2001-09-11. [Hmmmm...
now, I'm 'wondering' what the date of
the first Attack upon the World Trade
Center complex was.]

They are going on 'blind'-Faith ['blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization that aug-
ments, and 'magnifies', experience, in a
self-fulfilling-'prophecy' way - akin to all
manner of 'numerology', 'astrology', etc.],
because their experience is powerfully-
inbred. They 'sit-around', interacting amongst
themselves, in a way that is relatively-iso-
lated from the rest of Human experience,
and, in such relative-isolation, they tend
to be the 'entirety' of one-anothers' 'environ-
ments. So, within their nervous systems, their
interpersonal give-and-take takes on an 'aura'
of "being coincident with 'truth'" - which is
Why they 'feel' 'Justified' in their pursuit of
their Slaughtering of their Fellow Human

With respect to the Spanish Elections, they
Probably took the 'numerological-coincidence'
as a 'sign' with respect to the "subjective-
'truth'" that has precipitated within their inter-
actively-inbred experience, be-sole-cause
their experience is, in fact, so relatively-inter-

Reason is 'cast-out' by 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization with respect to the
contents of extremely-, and artificially-narrow

It's some of the most-Sorrowful stuff that can
occur within Human experience.

It's =just= the way that nervous systems proc-
ess information, via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, left uncomprehended.

The Same-Stuff has recurrently-Ravaged
Humanity, since the Beginning, and it's been
so-routinely blamed on 'religion' that the 'only'
'result' of it has been that 'humanity' has 'moved
away from' God.

So it's =not= "Religion".

Nothing that's "a house divided against itself"
[Jesus and, notably, Abraham Lincoln] can
=Be= anything. It can only Be Nothingness.

Kind of reminds me of 'politics' here in the
U. S. A.

K. P. Collins

"BilZ0r" <bilz0r at> wrote in message
news:650b9a6e.0403151421.3b057b12 at
> Don't be so ridiculously American-centric.
> 911 and its associated with emergency hot
> lines only holds true for Americans.
> You don't think it might have had a little bit
> more to do with this Spanish elections?
> "ken" <kpaulc at> wrote in message news:<Eb95c.38911
> > The Calculation is Simple - just count the 'days'
> > from 200[1]-09-11 until you get "911".
> >
> > The Terrorists are 'playing' on the 'relationship'
> > between "911" and 'calls for help', in a Sinister
> > 'joke' about American 'society'. They Learned
> > to do this from their viewing American Media fair.

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