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> But, if it's Truth, it's always 'Safe' to 'stand-on-it'.

You have probably noticed that I am always _at least trying_ to promote a
recognition and a set of notions, of a particular pattern of evolutionary
patterning, and of some directly related psychophysiological states (and
patterns of expressions of these states) that pertaining to people in

Unfortunately for me, these particular notions (of these particular
patterns/states) have an explanatory essence that is effectively
enlightening in a way that nobody wants to be entirely illuminated about,
nor usually even hear about.

And so, I tend to respond, with my "intercEPTs", to posts mainly by (you)
Ken, because you 'let what I am interested in grabbing hold of (for the
purpose of pinning to the wall) hang-out' more often from your posts than
most others do from theirs.

Although your feelings of understanding are to me *largely* legitimate due
to their equally *largely* logical and science-factual support, you are -
like me and so many of us - to a significant extent a carrier of (and
co-motivated by) CURSES.

[CURSES can stand for Conditioned-in Unconsciously Remembered Stressors
Effecting Symptoms Or, if spellt-out for more thorough acronym-implied
meaning (but identically pronounced): CCKHHURSES - Conditioned-in
Chronically Kept (selectively) Hibernated-from, Hence Unconsciously
Remembered, Stressor(s), Effecting Symptoms.]

In that sense (because you carry around insidious CURSES), you are as if
always 'standing on subterranean' (insidious and more or less adaptively
sublimated) residual reverberations of the SHITS that you personally have
been in.

[SHITS might stand for: "Selective Hibernation" (i.e. a selective or
specific inhibitory self-regulatory inter or intra neuronal function as
finely localized as to effect a *lowering of the metabolic rate* of even a
single neurons) Imploring Type Stressor(s) (or Situation(s)).]

_If_ what you meant by "'Truth'" was referring to an in-dEPTh [= in step
with EPT] and approximately complete and revealing depiction/theory of how
our brains evolved and work [one that *clearly and specifically* account for
the common reality of insidious aggregates of CURSES (type
memories/motivators/selection pressures)], then you might have hesitated
before you wrote something as  falacious (as seen from this my EPT-pushing
perspective) as: "...if it's Truth, it's always 'Safe' to 'stand-on-it'".

If honoring 'Truth' is what you actually want to be doing, then make sure
you don't do it as if with a bowed head and down cast eyes but by facing
whatever theoretically/philosophically  'faeces-like facts most foul'. (So
to despiccably speak ;-)).

To honor Truth (if that is what you actually wish to do) you need to
prominently (much less obscurely - or rather more precisely) address what it
is that makes you stand AS FIRMLY (as you do) in amongst ALL your beliefs -
not just a belief ('standing') in the 'SEPTIC [~scientifically established
principles....etc]' matters of information' and clever intuitive
recognitions and reasonings behind your all the same impressive integrative
explanatory scheme.

It is NOT "always safe" to understand the AEVASIVE aspect (including the
role played by SHITS come CURSES) of our evolution, brain, and behavior.

It is especially unsafe if you understand all this 'by FOOT' (Foremost
Overview Of Truth %-}), since what I call FOOT (a justifiably
anthropocentric and in a sense 'effectively philosophy terminating'
metaphorical approach at understanding What Is going on) has a very thin,
almost transparent, 'sole'.

[By FOOT I also refer to my SEPTIC-humored (part serious and science-aligned
part jocular) way of conceptually summarizing/grasping mainly our evolution
and psychobiology by tailor made terms/tools for thought. More besides, FOOT
also peripherally accomodates any outcome of the search for a TOE of
fundamental physics.) ]

'The sole of FOOT is relatively thin' because of a complete (or at least as
far as possible deliberately strived for) absence of religious cushioning.
That is, the main ultimately general concEPT "What Is" - as in  "What Is
going on", was explicitly chosen because it minimizes the likelyhood of
naive - as any religious ideation essentially is - associations.

And, it is 'thin' also in the sense that 'the FOOT' does, as the
precariously ped_agogical FOOT that it is, put extra explanatory weight (not
inEPTly so) on patterns of naturally selective and motivational pressure
that are normally neglected, negated and/or euphemized: Namely on
(concEPTualized as) "SHITS come CURSES".

Another point that I am trying to make is that CURSES (= most centrally
consisting of "LTP'ed reverberations" caused, or "conditioned-in", by SHITS)
are resonating with gene/instinct-guided neural morphysiological tendencies.
That is, tendencies such as not the least to learn by positive as well as
negative feedback - or, more generally, even to both ontogenetically and
experientially 'build' an assortment or repertoire;
A repertoire of from mainly mental to mainly motor-output producing
"actention modules".

An EPT understanding of What Is going on does not prerequire a precise or
detailed knowledge of how our genomes and brains work with respect to the
AEVASIVE (as aptly concEPTualized/categorified) aspect of our evolution,
brains functions, and behaviour.

A rational framework for a philanthropically oriented overview CAN ALREADY
BE EXTRACTED from "SEPTIC matter of information" [i.e. the as far as
available most "Solidly (by Science as a historical and realistic whole)
Established, Principles, Theories, Interpretations & Concepts")].

Because of the already sufficient "SEPTIC matter availability", when we put
our best FOOT forward the FOOT will have an excEPTionally strong, or at
least very pertinent explanatory, platform-terminological, and philosophical


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