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I enjoyed reading your thoughts on "metaphor".

The topic is =Huge=, but I want to share some
thoughts that your post stimmed, Glen.

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> [...]

> Thus, we come to say that an angry
> person "blew up" because the two
> phenomena share certain intensive
> properties. But no one - it would
> be hoped - would suggest that the
> study of chemical explosions has
> any bearing on the study of "anger."
> [...]

Within nervous system function, "anger"
is actualized when a TD E/I threshold
is crossed within the "limbic system".
[For folks who have AoK, see the dis-
cussion of "amygdalar priming" in Ap5.]

The dynamics are like that of a "pressure
cooker" 'popping-its-lid' - "explosively".

The pre-threshold TD E/I Determines
the 'force' inherent in such 'behavioral-
explosiveness', and, when one looks,
one sees that an "explosion" is an "ex-
plosion", the essence of which is energy-
flow down a steep gradient. [For folks
who have it, see the discussions of the
"zone of randomness" and the "point of
randomness" in AoK, Ap4. These TD E/I-
thresholding dynamics are Engineered
into nervous systems be-cause, when
TD E/I exceeds the threshold, it means
that neural activation has become overly-
'random', and, if that condition were to
continue, the high-TD E/I condition
would destroy the nervous system's
'information-base', the Preservation
of which is Necessary to Survival. So
the Evolutionary 'Engineer' built-in
"anger's" =gamble=, which 'forces'
'resolution' of the external experiental
environmental conditions that induced
the relatively-high TD E/I within the
nervous system. In "anger", the amyg-
dalar "low-'level' "supersystem config-
uration mechanism" literally takes-over-
control of the nervous system, and all
semblance of "Reason" is literally shut-
down. The Sorrowful thing is that the
thing that makes "anger" 'necessary' is
=always= absence-of-understanding.
The high-TD E/I-condition that 'pushes'
neural dynamics over "anger's" threshold
exists within the nervous system be-cause
the nervous system's higher-'level' TD
E/I-minimization mechanisms could not
achieve TD E/I-minimization, and this
=always= occurs be-cause previously-
accumulated "biological mass" specific-
ally-correlated-to 'momentary' external
experiential environment, was either
discordant, incomplete, or non-existant,
which renders nervous system function
'unstable', in a way that is literally-like
an unstable chemical compound or mix-
ture. TD E/I(up, up) is, literally, the 'nitro-
glycerine'-within - the Chemistry is, of
course, Different, but the general energy-
dynamics are =Exactly= analogous - un-
stable-equilibrium -> explosive-energy-
release -> Destruction.]

Anyway, as I was saying...

The pre-threshold TD E/I Determines
the 'force' inherent in such 'behavioral-
explosiveness', and, when one looks,
one sees that an "explosion" is an "ex-
plosion", the essence of which is energy-
flow upon a steep gradient.

Which is =Exactly= what happens in

Behavior is literally driven by the direc-
tionality of this internal 'explosion'.

And, at its base, it's 'just' more "oxida-
tion" of stored-energy - 'ignited' by the
crossing of the TD E/I threshold.

What's more, "anger" =always= leaves
both its progenitor, and its 'target', at
least to a degree, 'destroyed'.

'suicide bombers' interface the internal-
'explosion' with external explosives,
to Actualize the 'metaphor', making the
Destructiveness of "anger" Complete.

"Life" is an =Exact= inverse of an "ex-

Where explosions run down the energy
'hill', "Life" runs up it :-]

"Anger" controverts what's in-"Life" to

"Anger" is an Abdication of "Life".

So, instead of getting-"angry", just range-
widely enough to enable your nervous sys-
tem to construct "biological mass".

And, when you present Newness to others,
be sure to stop internal-'explosions' before
the "anger's" threshold is crossed.

Keep things 'climbing' in Life's Direction.

It helps if you do a 'Clown Act' :-]

Wow! Your topic is =Rich=, Glen.

What's here should be much-more than
what's here.

I'm 'Tired'.

Crank-up your own Good noggin' labs.

ken [k. p. collins]

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