Prediction Verified

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Tue Mar 16 20:33:25 EST 2004

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> LOL, again, so american-centric its funny.
> You think the world trade center was the
> first attack by al queda?

What was the first Attack by Terrorists?

My 'point' is that the Same-Stuff has been
happening since the Beginning.

But, in this case, I stand on what I posted,
quoted below.

k. p. collins

> "ken" <kpaulc@[remove]> wrote in news:9rx5c.42681$aT1.21412
> > They declared their view on who their
> > 'enemy' is on 2001-09-11. [Hmmmm...
> > now, I'm 'wondering' what the date of
> > the first Attack upon the World Trade
> > Center complex was.]


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