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>> LOL, again, so american-centric its funny.
>> You think the world trade center was the
>> first attack by al queda?
>What was the first Attack by Terrorists?
>My 'point' is that the Same-Stuff has been
>happening since the Beginning.
>But, in this case, I stand on what I posted,
>quoted below.
>k. p. collins
>> "ken" <kpaulc@[remove]> wrote in news:9rx5c.42681$aT1.21412
>> > They declared their view on who their
>> > 'enemy' is on 2001-09-11. [Hmmmm...
>> > now, I'm 'wondering' what the date of
>> > the first Attack upon the World Trade
>> > Center complex was.]

What's it got to do with neuroscience Ken?

Do you not see how this sort of post is indicative of something 
fundamentally awry in your behaviour? Your frequent posts on this and 
other subjects are not what they seem (except to the unwary). They 
insidiously or surreptitiously, share much with your other posts to this 
newsgroup which just appear to be on topic.

I reckon all your interest in neuroscience is just a repertoire you draw 
on to give expression to what is clearly disordered behaviour.

You need to have all that looked into by an independent clinician, and I 
suggest others here are very discriminating about what they reinforce if 
they really want to be helpful.

David Longley

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