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Clarification, below.

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> > LOL, again, so american-centric its funny.
> > You think the world trade center was the
> > first attack by al queda?
> What was the first Attack by Terrorists?
> My 'point' is that the Same-Stuff has been
> happening since the Beginning.
> But, in this case, I stand on what I posted,
> quoted below.

I've not missed the Sorrow-Filled 'alternative'
that, since the 2001-09-11 Terrorist Attacks,
here in the U. S. 'intercepted' what was about
to become a Heroic-Act, on the parts of others,
with respect to NDT's coming-forward, and
that, since word of NDT has been Published
in Spain - along with the coincidence of both
the U. S. and Spain Terrorism with "Award
Seasons" - along with my Acknowledgement
of Jesus' Priority - that it might be NDT's
understanding - and Christianity - that has
'motivated' the 'timing' of the Terrorist At-

Of course, this is an 'ego'-centric 'surmise',
but I've seen it's Possibility while "ranging-
widely" with respect to WDB2T. [Perhaps
some folks will recall that I broached the
topic immediately following the occurrence
of the 2001-09-11 Terrorist Attacks -
Mourning NDT's Hope for Humanity's hav-
ing been another thing that was 'Slain' in the
Terrorist Acts.

It's been Easy to See, in the 'stock-market'
data, that there are folks who're Strongly-
Opposed to the coming-forward of NDT's
understanding, but folks having 'profit-seek-
ing' 'goals' in-'mind', with respect to their
'borrowing', and Ab-use of NDT's Stuff are
'just' one group that is "inverted" with respect
to NDT's Stuff. There're folks all across
'humanity' who're "inverted" with respect to
the coming-forward of NDT's understanding.
Each of these groups have one thing in-com-
mon - they all want, at least, NDT's Stuff to
not be Rigorously-Verified, Publicly. The
Terrorists, who, although it's been 'Difficult'
to Discern whether or not it was Feigned,
'have' been-here, in b.n - folks might recall
the 'crypto'-'like' posts that've occurred,
here in b.n, from 'time' to 'time' - that was
'them' [or folks Feigning 'being'-them], ass-
erting 'their' 'presence.

Then, there's another group that literally goes-
Crazy during every Awards 'Season', post-
ing Rants against my 'Person' - as has been
the case over the course of the past few 'days'.

It's an Interesting Problem. I've been Map-
ping-it upon the "continuum of relative famili-
arities" [AoK, Ap4] all along.

It Maps in a way that is generally, Exactly
analogous to the "Book-buying" network
diagram that was Published in last Saturday's
=New York Times= [p A13, with accomp-
anying Article on p A15].

There's literally a Cold War being Fought
against the coming-forward of NDT's under-

And it's 'Interesting' to Explore the cross-
connected 'Purposes' that're Disclosed when
it's all Mapped upon the "continuum of relative

Of course, in 'normal' discourse, any of the
things that I'm addressing, here, evokes 'guff-
aws'-of-ridicule when it's brought-up - one
can literally see the 'hot-air' Belching from
'hearts' :-]

But, "heat is Good", and, when it's all Mapped,
together, upon the "continuum of relative fam-
iliarities", well, "heat" is 'just' WDB2T, and
what happens is, literally, a Map that's in-Truth.

In this Map, many who 'move away from' Ter-
rorism are, nevertheless, Indistinguishable from
the Terrorists in their 'moving away from' NDT's

Just thought I'd make-it-Clear that there's =no=
so-called "secrecy" - so folks can be Lifted-Up
toward Better-Choices.

K. P. Collins

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> >
> >
> >
> > > They declared their view on who their
> > > 'enemy' is on 2001-09-11. [Hmmmm...
> > > now, I'm 'wondering' what the date of
> > > the first Attack upon the World Trade
> > > Center complex was.]
> 1993-??-??

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