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>hat medication do you take? Does it help? Do you always take it?
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>> David Longley
>WARNING: I can do, on behalf of others,
>that which I Choose not to do on my own
>Your Deliberate-Hurtfulness is =Savage=.
>I Admonish you to argue your 'point' from
>K. P. Collins

The facts pretty much speak for themselves Ken, and you provide them.

Ken, if you are indeed ill, pointing that out to you is not malicious or 
hurtful, it's just honest feedback. if you are ill, and you acknowledge 
this by doing something positive about it, things might get better for 
you. It's not always a bar to doing useful and creative work - think of 
John Nash and the great work he did. One in a hundred are schizophrenic, 
and even more have a mood disorder at some point in their lives. Whether 
one's life is blighted by such problems is often a function of whether 
support is available and the extent to which one can face up to the 
facts of the matter enough to seek help in the first place.

People here don't dislike you, or bear you any ill will. Nor do they 
think you stupid. But you do appear to be ill. Do yourself a favour and 
just have yourself checked out.
David Longley

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