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BilZ0r BilZ0r at
Wed Mar 17 19:40:36 EST 2004

I wish. I'm still doing papers, though I did get a 90% for a presentation I 
gave on the intereaction between cannabis and the 'reward' pathway.

The only thing of interest for me is that BZP (my drug of interest, an 
amphetamine-esque grey market stimulant) has gotten a lot of press in my 
country because of some hospitalizations. My first application for funding 
got shot down because they had never heard of BZP and didn't think it was a 
problem, but now I'm sure to get funding, and lots of it!

"John H." <johnh at faraway.> wrote in news:40586cf5 at

> So how is the Masters going? Any interesting findings\ideas to report?

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