Could a cell membrane provide an electromagnetic shield ?

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Thu Mar 18 01:46:33 EST 2004

Where has 'dinosaur' gone?


K. P. Collins

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> On Sat, 14 Feb 2004 17:36:11 -0500, r norman <rsn_ at>
> wrote:
> } Ken's posts are most definitely disruptive.
> As I've said elsewhere, I don't expect (and definitely don't demand)
> he stop posting. I only request -- no, honestly I insist -- he stop
> answering straightforward questions with irrelevant material whether
> from his "theory" or not. That *is* disruptive and confusing to
> someone without the understanding to immediately discern the nature of
> the response.
> He seems to have at least the occasional discussant, and maybe some
> regular detractors who do nothing but. As long as that stays to
> itself, it's not disruptive to others, and he can participate to his
> heart's content as is his right.
> Should a serious student fall into that stuff and waste time on it,
> well that's a learning experience too. I'm confident the capable will
> rectify their own mistakes, and the rest, they take their chances.

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