My 'disruptiveness'

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Thu Mar 18 05:42:36 EST 2004

So, you want to discuss Costs?

564 American Soldiers Dead in Iraq.

~10,000 wounded, many Terribly.

~Tens or thousands of Iraqi Soldiers, and Civilians,

I don't know how many Soldiers and Civilians
Slaughtered in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

The World Trade Center ~3500 Lives Lost.

The Pentagon ~hundreds(?) of Lives Lost.

The Jetliner in Pennsylvania ~100+ Lives Lost.

=All= of their Families, 'just' as Terribly 'wounded'.

And everywhere, it's going on, still.

The Spain Bombings, Revulsing a whole Society.

'routine' Bombings in Iraq.

Bitterness, between the U. S. and Europe, where
there was, only 18 'months' ago, Commity.

National Treasures, all around the World, going
to Waste, instead of the Welfare of Humanity.

Economies, all around the World, Stagnant, except
in Those Nations whose Leaderships had the Good-
Sense to Stand-Firmly in-Peace.

And Thousands of more Lives will be Lost, or left

Precipitated by Thoughtlessness.









Abandoning of Oaths of Office.

Abandoning The Constitution of The United States of America.

And, all over the World, TD E/I(up),
spreading like some Sinister 'disease'
amongst whole Populations.

Including, Reversion in Russia.

The Cold War being Launched Anew.

'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
left uncomprehended all of this.

The Costs are Unimaginally-Great, and
will continue to Accrue across Generations.

All be-cause a Gift of Understanding was

The Course of Freedom was, literally, Free
of all Costs, other than folks =just= Doing
what it is they Profess to 'do'.

Wheigh the five-hours it takes to work-through
NDT's Fundamentals, against the Costs of 'mov-
ing away from' those five hours.


You want to discuss Costs?

K. P. Collins

"David Longley" <David at> wrote in message
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> Let me put a hypothetical to you Ken.
> What if some ISPs charge their clients for the number of newsgroup
> messages they download? over 30 inane posts one after another.
> Are you aware of what your thoughtlessness could cost them?
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> >Where has 'dinosaur' gone?
> >
> >'Interesting'.
> >
> >K. P. Collins
> >
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> >> On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:40:59 GMT, "k p  Collins"
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> >>
> >> } A number of folks have commented
> >> } on what they've referred to as my
> >> } 'disruptiveness'.
> >> }
> >> } In this post, I'll explore that, a bit.
> >> }
> >> } What have I, or am I, 'disrupting?
> >> }
> >> } Discussions here in b.n?
> >> }
> >> } Come on, folks! If a discussion
> >> } cannot be sustained in the face of
> >> } anyone's comments, then that's
> >> } disclosing, with respect to what was
> >> } the 'information-content' of the dis-
> >> } cussion, isn't it?
> >> }
> >> } Yup.
> >> }
> >> } So it can't be that.
> >>
> >> It is disruptive to insert irrelevant information. Worse, it is
> >> misleading. Whn there's a specific question, and your respond with
> >> material that at best wastes the time of the reader and is likely to
> >> confuse them, THAT is disruptive. Irrelevant information is not and
> >> does not lead to discussion of the matter at hand. If anything, it
> >> leads discussion of entirely different things. Since it was the
> >> questioners intent to obtain a direct answer to a direct question,
> >> when this happens, yes, it is disruptive.
> >>
> >> This has been explained several different ways now. Do you understand
> >> it? I am not asking if you agree or if you like it, I am asking if you
> >> understand.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> --
> David Longley

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