My 'disruptiveness'

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Thu Mar 18 06:10:30 EST 2004

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> David Longley <David at> wrote:
> > Let me put a hypothetical to you Ken.
> >
> > What if some ISPs charge their clients for the number of newsgroup
> > messages they download? over 30 inane posts one after another.
> >
> > Are you aware of what your thoughtlessness could cost them?
> Even worse: he changed his reply address and "realname" before posting
> those 30+ contentless messages, hence avoiding as many filters as
> possible.
> C.

I did not.

It's a routine thing that folks do to
'prevent' virus-attacks.

When my eMail 'broke', and I had
to rebuild my NG account every
'time' I logged-on, I didn't bother.

I don't know before that - new machine,
new ISP, and I don't recall.

Turn off "Threads". Sort by "Date" then
sort by "Name", and find my earliest post
that's still on the board, if it Matters to

You can also find, exactly, when I altered
my posted eMail address.

And "ken" is my Name.

k. p. collins

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