Ignorance and 'schizophrenia'

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> > [...]
> > He was a christian, when the symptoms first
> > appeared he was subject to all sorts of talkie
> > therapy, first by the youth minister then a christian
> > psychiatrist. Everyone had a go at changing him,
> > thinking he was just a little screwed up in his
> > thinking.
> There's the Problem.
> The Kid what literally Battered into the "zone of
> randomness" [AoK, Ap4].
> 'therapies' that're Devoid of understanding, lit-
> erally Impose TD E/I(up) upon nervous systems.


> Absence-of-understanding of how and why nerv-
> ous systems process information via 'blindly'-auto-
> mated TD E/I-minimization is Discomfitting, all-around,
> but it's flat-out Dangerous when it comes 'disguised'
> as 'expertise'.

You are resoundingly not writing right-on and revelatory (or exposing)
enough for my taste!

To the extent that this disease-label sits on a syndrome not originated by a
destructive virus, it is most important to realize that schizoid symptoms
are caused by certain development-derailing NEED NEGATING experiences.

[Besides, your TD I/E min mantra tends to obscure the fact that living
creatures have evolved to survive by whatever means and methods produced by
evolutionary opportunity type pressures (primarily) and ditto "adversity
type pressures" (secondarily - since natural pruning of biological patterns
occur only after such patterns appear). E.g., (I have mentioned this two or
three times before), within an Austrailan marsupial mouse-like species, the
males mostly manage to commit 'self-murder' by metabolic burn-out and
fornicating frenzy during their mating season; a case of a type of 'brainy
existence' that culminate in an 'ultimate TD I/E up'. ]

> Good Grief! John, 'schizophrenia' is =EASY= to
> to Impose upon =any= Young nervous system.

Environmental conditions being equal, variations in our genetic make-up
makes some people resilient and some people susceptible in respect of
developing schizophrenia.

But also, some brain-developmental stages are sure to be more susceptible to
be steered by certain stressors in the direction of  schizophrenia than

> And it's just as =EASY= to Prevent in =any= or-
> gannically-intact ['normal'] Young nervous system.

Not when both schizophrenia prevention advisors and the recipients of their
advice have evolved to be AEVASIVE.

> Surrounding behavioral-Consistency will achieve
> such Prevention in every case.

Not quite, becasue it also has to be the right kind and quality of
behavioural consistency.

[As a most general rule of thumb:
 Not too much and not too little of anything must be obtained by the
individual from its environment.]

And BTW:
A specific need being fulfilled = a correlated TD E/I _optimized_ state
(allowing for the extreme example of forrest-rat frenzy) of that very need's
most closely correlated brain circuitry (neural need-representing and
monitoring module).

Every need fulfilled = maximum ALQHolism


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