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>David, I've Laid-Down my Life.

You've done no such thing Ken.

>If you think I 'enjoy' doing this 'Heavy-Lifting',
>you're Wrong.

I really don't think it matters. As I see it, you are not reading your 
own (or other people's) behaviour within the bounds of what anyone would 
consider normal or healthy. That should give you cause for concern.

In my opinion, you're deluding yourself that any of what you're posting 
here has anything to do with neuroscience or any other area of research. 
It might appear to to the unwary, but it really hasn't.

You should give this all a break and get yourself checked out (you have 
nothing to lose by doing so, and everything to gain).

See if things get easier as a consequence - let us know how you get on.

>I =Loathe= every 'minute' of it.
>It =just= Needs to be done.
>The 'barrier' needs to be 'pierced'.
>Don't 'confuse' what I Expect for myself,
>with what I Expect for Humanity, includ-
>ing you.
>I Understand the Costs inherent.
>It will probably require my Death before
>folks can get-their-heads-out-of-their-asses.
>I Understand that.
>And, after I'm gone, well, just before I go,
>I'll Experience the Release of having Done
>all I could do.
>It's a small thing, but I'll Take-it.
>k. p. collins
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David Longley

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