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>> People here don't dislike you, or bear you any ill will. Nor do they
>> think you stupid. But you do appear to be ill. Do yourself a favour and
>> just have yourself checked out.
>> --
>> David Longley
>Most likely Ken is quite content and entertained whilst he unleashes his
>theoretical attitudes within Usenet.

But they aren't theoretical attitudes are they? What differentiates 
theories from delusions do you think? Do you know? Do you care?

>So, what you are effectively repeatedly _really_ write, is: Do me (David) a

As a member of a community, yes. Do you think he's doing himself any 
good? Do you think it's doing any good to encourage him?

>Also, by this your repeated diagnosis and 'advice' to Ken you seem to follow
>in the foot step of the harrassment of Ken attempted by your ideological
>ally Glen Skinner'em Sizemore.

It isn't harassment - it's responsible social feedback and criticism. Do 
you think people should indulge such delusional behaviour? What he says 
generally makes no sense and has no bearing whatsoever to neuroscience 
except as an illustration of a disorder which tends to account for a lot 
of its funding. He manipulates others to collude in his delusional 
behaviour, and you're reinforcing it.

The rest of what you post is very similar to the sort desperate stuff he 
cobbles together in his vain efforts to make sense of his predicament. 
I've asked you before if you are on any medication. If so, does it help? 
If not, why not?

>People's awareness of how CURSES (primal pain) insidiously motivate is
>normally nil or minute.
>However, all the while, CURSES typically tend to in one way
>or another, and waxingly and waningly, effect symptoms - and far from just
>obviously so.
>AEVASIVE is currently the only available, almost explicitly insight
>insinuating umbrella term (or single compact sem_antically cemented concEPT)
>that refers
>to the intricacy and behavioural and functional _and
>phylogenetic_ breadth and dEPTh of this aspect (i.e. ~ the most of all
>anthropobiologically relevant sublimation of CURSES~) of What Is going on.


David Longley

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