Ignorance and 'schizophrenia'

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Hi Peter,

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> > > He was a christian, when the symptoms first
> > > appeared he was subject to all sorts of talkie
> > > therapy, first by the youth minister then a christian
> > > psychiatrist. Everyone had a go at changing him,
> > > thinking he was just a little screwed up in his
> > > thinking.
> >
> > There's the Problem.
> >
> > The Kid what literally Battered into the "zone of
> > randomness" [AoK, Ap4].
> >
> > 'therapies' that're Devoid of understanding, lit-
> > erally Impose TD E/I(up) upon nervous systems.
> <snip>
> > Absence-of-understanding of how and why nerv-
> > ous systems process information via 'blindly'-auto-
> > mated TD E/I-minimization is Discomfitting, all-around,
> > but it's flat-out Dangerous when it comes 'disguised'
> > as 'expertise'.
> <snip>
> You are resoundingly not writing right-on and revelatory
> (or exposing) enough for my taste!

Well, you are you and I'm me :-]

> To the extent that this disease-label sits on a syndrome
> not originated by a destructive virus, it is most important
> to realize that schizoid symptoms are caused by certain
> development-derailing NEED NEGATING experiences.

I see it as the result of a nervous system's descent into 'ran-
domness' be-sole-cause the experience of a Young Individual
is Consistently-inconsistent.

This circumstance prevents the creation of "biological mass"
that's Sufficient to Cope with relative-Newness - be-cause,
when Newness is encountered, since pre-existing "biological
mass" has been formed via the driving of the neural Topology
in Consistently-inconsistent ways, all "biological mass" tends,
strongly, to be equi-potent, which means that TD E/I-minimiz-
ation can only occur in 'multiplets' - in which multiple "finitiza-
tions" [AoK, Ap4] are represented relatively-equivalently,
all at once.

When this occurs, the Young Individual is relatively-easily
'manipulated' by any and 'all' behavioral-Impositions that
are asserted by others - which, since all others' behavioral
repetoirs are individually-unique, results in the 'cycle' of Con-
sistent-inconsistency ramping-up, interminably, as the Young
Individual experiences, increasingly, outside of the Familial
environment, and all the while, "biological mass" becomes
'spread-more-thinly', so TD E/I-minimization mechanisms
converge increasingly-less.

This's Why 'schizophrenic'-onset 'typically' occurs during

It's a particularly-Tragic instance of absence-of-understand-
ing that is the =only= thing that underpins folks' descents into
'randomness', with respect to which AoK, Ap4's discussion
of the "zone of randomness" applies. [Folks might recall my
"Don't try this at home" Admonitions with respect to the
"zone of randomness" [with respect to information-cramming,
etc.] "until you Understand NDT's stuff". The above discussion
is the Why of the Admonition.]

I Routinely 'Innoculate' all around me against such 'descent'
into 'randomness'. Been doing it since a Child.

> [Besides, your TD I/E min mantra tends to obscure the
> fact that living creatures have evolved to survive by whatever
> means and methods produced by evolutionary opportunity
> type pressures (primarily) and ditto "adversity type pressures"
> (secondarily - since natural pruning of biological patterns
> occur only after such patterns appear).

Evolutionary dynamics converge upon maximally-generalized
adaptability, but this max-generality decreases as a function
of experientially-driven TD E/I-minimization - be-cause, to
the degree that TD E/I-minimization occurs, that 'means' that
a nervous system has 'Learned' how to Cope with the extern-
al experiential environment in which it's host organism exists,
and, to the degree of that, maximally-general adaptability
would be a 'detriment' to one's Survival within one's Social
interactive dynamics,

You know - like me :-]

I've been Cognizant of the Usefulness of Retaining maximal-
adaptability since a Child, and the Consequences inherent in
so-Retaining it.

I Owe it to my Parents, who always 'pushed'-Hard, and Loved
without Quiting. "Explore! and Know you're Safe."

So I've Retained maximal-adaptability [it even shows in my
'spelling' :-]

And I've grown-Strong [Forgive me, Please] with respect
to Handling the Social Consequences, inherent.

Which is Why, when I Saw the Need to Do what Needed to
be done, I just Did it.

Be-cause I Knew, through my Early experience, that this
sort of thing "Falls-to-me".

"Grab TSEOTS", and do what Needs to be done.

I'm Good at it.

My Parents "Innoculated" me, which is what I mean whenever
I say that "I 'died' before I could talk."

I never learned how to 'make-excuses' for not Doing what
Needs to be done.

I'm not 'special', but my Experience is.

Anyone could've done NDT - if they had my Parents.

Anyway, the notion of evolutionary dynamics 'asserting' Sur-
vival through any means is just a Perversion of Darwin's
Work that's invoked by folks who've 'matured' to 'adult-
hood' as Spoiled-Brats, to 'justify' their Spoiled-Brat-ness.

A particularly-'blind' instance of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-

These folks' 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization inflicts
all manner of Tragedy upon Humanity.

And the way they so-routinely 'twist-themselves-into-behavior-
al-knots in order to not-see such is flat-out Funny to me.

> E.g., (I have mentioned this two or three times before), within
> an Austrailan marsupial mouse-like species, the males mostly
> manage to commit 'self-murder' by metabolic burn-out and
> fornicating frenzy during their mating season; a case of a type
> of 'brainy existence' that culminate in an 'ultimate TD I/E up'. ]

I only Recall the one 'time', but, if you're 'worried' about me,
don't be. I Value Life as Precious, and a Gift from God, with
respect to which my 'Job' is "to Live!"

My comments about my "Death" are just in-Truth.

I Understand that, because I have to 'push' folks, the short-term
result is that TD E/I(up) will occur within folks' nervous systems,
and their nervous systems will achieve short-term TD E/I-minimiz-
ation by 'moving away from' 'me'.

But, if you read AoK, Ap4's discussion of "inversion"-correlates,
you'll see that one of them is "release from" TD E/I(up)-inducing
circumstances. I'll let folks take it from there.

I would've Loved to've been able to Marry - Live Celebate, and
Miss-it :-]

But it wasn't in what fell to me to do.

I Mourn my Never-to-be-Born Children in a Continuous-Aching

> > Good Grief! John, 'schizophrenia' is =EASY= to
> > to Impose upon =any= Young nervous system.
> Environmental conditions being equal, variations in our genetic
> make-up makes some people resilient and some people susceptible
> in respect of developing schizophrenia.

I Strongly-Disagree.

Yes, there's Genetic-variation. But it 'all' 'hovers'-around maximally-
generalized adaptability.

'schizophrenia' is =all= Young experience's Directing of generalized-
adaptability., as above.

It's why I 'weep'-within when I witness folks abusing Children.

Absence-of-understanding, Ravaging The-Most-Innocent.

> But also, some brain-developmental stages are sure to be more
> susceptible to be steered by certain stressors in the direction of
> schizophrenia than others.

Yes, Young experience, as above.

> > And it's just as =EASY= to Prevent in =any= or-
> > gannically-intact ['normal'] Young nervous system.
> Not when both schizophrenia prevention advisors and the
> recipients of their advice have evolved to be AEVASIVE.

Evolution has nothing to do with 'schizophrenia'.

Evolution's 'Job' is to converge upon maximally-generalized
adaptability, and 'get-out-of-the-way at Birth - so it's work
can be Tested, mixed-and-matched, and, so, Refined.

> > Surrounding behavioral-Consistency will achieve
> > such Prevention in every case.
> Not quite, becasue it also has to be the right kind and quality of
> behavioural consistency.


'Negative'-but-Consistent Young experience 'just' produces
'Negative'-but-Consistent 'adults'.


The "point of randomness" is in the middle on the "continuum
of relative familiarities". That's where TD E/I heads, rapidly,
toward Infinity, precipitating descent into 'randomness', as

> [As a most general rule of thumb:
>  Not too much and not too little of anything must be
> obtained by the individual from its environment.]

Anything that's Consistent prevents 'schizophrenia'.

Consistency 'lives' at the 'moving toward' and 'moving away
from' 'ends' of the "continuum of relative familiarities".

> --------
> And BTW:
> A specific need being fulfilled = a correlated TD E/I _optimized_ state

Sorry, "optimized" is not Correct.

"Needs" are actualized as TD E/I(up)s that 'persist' until the "need"
is met. [See the discussion of "Infant's crying behavior" in the sec-
tion of AoK, Ap5 that discusses interaction between the hypothalamus
and reticular formation.]

> (allowing for the extreme example of forrest-rat frenzy) of that very
> most closely correlated brain circuitry (neural need-representing and
> monitoring module).

I don't understand what you're saying immediately-above.

> Every need fulfilled = maximum ALQHolism
> ---------
> P

Cheers, Peter, ken [k. p. collins]

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