Ken, pay attention

ken kpaulc at [remove]
Fri Mar 19 04:54:11 EST 2004

"Getting in trouble" :-]

It's Hilarious.

I was blown-out-of Windows, all the
way to system-reboot, while reading
your post :-]

"Getting in trouble"?


I don't care to discuss, further, online.

K. P. Collins

"Doktor DynaSoar" <targeting at> wrote in message
news:mamj5013a9cnj1tdjfujg5t2u4lacvp9s3 at
> You just posted this same message 33 times:
> ==
> Where has 'dinosaur' gone?
> 'Interesting'.
> ==
> Posting exactly the same thing to the same single newsgroup 20 times
> in 45 days is the definition of spam on usenet. It's called the
> Breidbart Index. You can find the details in the FAQ in
> This sort of thing is searched and
> indexed by scanning bots, and results are reported to news admins.
> This sort of thing can get your messages deleted at minimum (automatic
> control.cancel messages issued by said bots) and possibly in trouble
> with your ISP. I know for a fact your ISP is one that doesn't ignore
> such reports.
> I don't know why you felt the need to do this, but it's probably not
> worth getting in trouble for.

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