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The thing that you miss in your 'Confession'
is that Behavior occurs as a Result of individ-
ually-Unique Experience.

One cannot 'blame' anyone 'because' what's
in =their= Experience is not the same as that
which is in one's =own= Experience.

This is =always= the case be-cause Experience
is, in fact, individually-Unique.

The 'casting-of-blame' is, in fact, something that
pervaids =all= behavioral-Animosity, such as
that which is played-out in War.

And it's been this way since the Beginning.

It happens be-cause nervous systems' neural
Topology is everywhere-ordered to do only
one thing - 'seek', 'blindly'-and-automatically,
to minimize the topologically-distributed ratios
of Excitation to Inhibition [TD E/I(min)] within

That this one thing has not been, generally,
comprehended, is what underpins Humanity's

Folks encounters with folks who've experienced
differently from them are induced, by the 'un-
familiar' behavior of the others, to experience
elevated TD E/I, and, instead of understanding
what's going-on within their own nervous systems,
they experience this TD E/I(up) as 'indicating'
that the others are 'bad', and 'feel justified' in
Aggressing against them.

NDT's Purpose is to Lift Humanity Up above
the Tragedy of such self-Ravaging.

And it's Doing exactly that, David.

k. p. collins

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