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>> Peter: There can be no cure for left temporal lobe 'turdgiditis'.
>> GS: Unfortunately
>> [...]
>It was =just= Funny, and Wonderfully-
>Gentle, in light of the Deliberately-
>Hurtful stuff that Longley routinely does.
>"left temporal lobe 'turdgiditis'"
>ROFL :-]

I'm telling you to may have a potentially very debilitating problem and 
that you should have it checked out.

What I am doing is no different to suggesting to a diabetic or a sleep 
apnoeac who can't function normally that their behaviours/symptoms may 
be a consequence of a treatable disorder, and that they would be wise to 
have it professionally looked into.

If that's being hurtful, so be it. I consider it irresponsible, and 
unkind *not* to point out such possibilities - and in your case, you 
seem to be oblivious to this possibility.

If it hurts, perhaps you should act on the feedback differently

Incidentally, your other response to me suggests that you have no real 
grasp of what I was talking about, but that, sadly, never stops you 
sharing your views..
David Longley

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