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> } "Getting in trouble"?
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> Yes, Ken. Earthlink used to have a bad problem with usenet spammers.
> They got a bad reputation. Then the organized an abuse reporting desk
> and started processing the spam reports, and getting rid of people who
> broke the rules. See 2(m) of Earthlink's Acceptable Use Policy; they
> expect you to abide by the rules if you post to usenet and the
> Briedbart Index is one of those rules. They can drop your account for
> failing to follow their AUP. When they had their problem with
> spammers, they were dropping 100 accounts a week. I don't know how or
> whether they've relaxed from that since that time.

As I clearly stated, I did not post the same thing
even once.

Your Accusation against my Person is Verifiably-

You like Lawyers, tell me what Verifiably-false
written, Public statements constitutes, under
The Law.

K. P. Collins

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