Ken, pay attention

NMF nm_fournier at
Fri Mar 19 19:18:33 EST 2004

> As I clearly stated, I did not post the same thing
> even once.
> Your Accusation against my Person is Verifiably-
> False.
> You like Lawyers, tell me what Verifiably-false
> written, Public statements constitutes, under
> The Law.
Well I'm sorry to inform you.  But that message inquiring about dinosaur was
posted multiple times. I think I had download one day over 30 messages at
this ng ALL FROM YOU.  It had your name, your extension and your rather
characteristic way of writing.   Whether or not you specifically wrote them
or they are do to some corruption on your computer (i.e. a virus, etc.)
doesn't matter.  What matters is that these messages were observed and YOU
are the one that is responsible to insure that this situation is fixed.

Ken, if your computer gets attacked on a regular basis, that is your
problem.  If you have some virus, then I suggest you fix your computer.
Although it is not directly your fault, your computer was cluttering the
space of these ngs.  I remember you getting rather annoyed when a previous
poster would post his messages twice by accident.  Now isn't that the pot
calling the kettle black?

In any case, fix your computer. It's annoying to receive 30 messages in one
day that contain absolutly no useful information.  And it is completely
self-centered and egocentric to assume that people would be making this up.
There is nothing to gain by this.  Grow up.

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