The Neural Topologies of Nervous Systems

ken kpaulc at [remove]
Fri Mar 19 20:16:01 EST 2004

Hi, it's a long story, but, over the course
of the last 33+ years, I've Proven that all
nervous systems are rigorously structural-
ly ordered in ways that enable them to
"seek" a =single= information-processing

The work I've done shows that, behavior
that is "appropriate" within the external ex-
periential environment is produced as a by-
product of the degree to which this single
"goal" is, in fact, achieved.

The rigorous structural order that enables
nervous systems to "seek" this single "goal"
can be "read" at any locus within a nervous
system because the neural Topology is lit-
erally a physical implimentation of this
single-"goal"-seeking structural order.

I'd like to discuss this, and its ramifications
with respect to Human behavioral dynamics,
here in bionet.neuroscience.

k. p. collins

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