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Fri Mar 19 20:55:02 EST 2004

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> > As I clearly stated, I did not post the same thing
> > even once.
> >
> > Your Accusation against my Person is Verifiably-
> > False.
> >
> > You like Lawyers, tell me what Verifiably-false
> > written, Public statements constitutes, under
> > The Law.
> >
> Well I'm sorry to inform you.  But that message
> inquiring about dinosaur was posted multiple times.
> I think I had download one day over 30 messages
> at this ng ALL FROM YOU.  It had your name,
> your extension and your rather characteristic way
> of writing.   Whether or not you specifically wrote
> them or they are do to some corruption on your
> computer (i.e. a virus, etc.) doesn't matter.  What
> matters is that these messages were observed and
> YOU are the one that is responsible to insure that
> this situation is fixed.
> Ken, if your computer gets attacked on a regular
> basis, that is your problem.  If you have some virus,
> then I suggest you fix your computer.Although it is
> not directly your fault, your computer was cluttering
> the space of these ngs.  I remember you getting rather
> annoyed when a previous poster would post his
> messages twice by accident.  Now isn't that the pot
> calling the kettle black?
> In any case, fix your computer. It's annoying to receive
> 30 messages in one day that contain absolutly no useful
> information.  And it is completely self-centered and
> egocentric to assume that people would be making this
> up. There is nothing to gain by this.  Grow up.

I don't know what others see on the board, but I
did post the 34 msgs that, I assume, are the msgs
to which folks are referring.

Each of them is a unique representation of a
problem. Taken together, they constitute a
unique representation of a problem.

I work on problems.

Folks who are 'objecting' to my working on
this problem should recall that I've been
working, here in bionet.neuroscience [b.n]
since about 1991.

I know, very-well, the 'typical' nature of the
information-exchange that occurs in the b.n

I also know, very-well, that there is no one
who has been subjected to disruption any-
where near the degree to which the work
I've been trying to do, here in b.n, has been

I've documented all of this, and, forgive me,
Please, it's shameful.

I am here, in b.n, because I've obligation
that derives in neuroscience.

This obligation is, verifiably, a matter of Life
and Death, on a Massive scale.

And I'd appreciate it, greatly, if folks'd just
allow me to carry out my obligation to both
neruoscience, and my fellow human beings,
here in b.n.

In the past, I've asked folks who 'object'
to the work I do to "kill-file" my ID, and
just let me work.

As things stand, because my obligation is,
verifiably, a matter of Life and Death, on
a Massive scale, I cannot allow it to be
either disrupted, or otherwise, interfered

Folks who do not want to receive the stuff
that I post and discuss should just "kill-file"
my ID and\or, otherwise, ignore what I post.

This dynamic that has been building, where
it is, supposedly, 'the case' that I'm doing
anything other than that which is necessary
to carry-out my obligation that is, verifiably,
a matter of Life and Death, on a Massive
scale, is totally-unacceptable.

That it's come to the point where my Person
is fraudulently 'represented', is a sorrow.

I'm here in b.n to address a matter of of
Life and Death, on a massive scale, by do-
ing neuroscience.

Anyone who 'objects' to this should just
"kill-file" my ID.

I've tried, all along, to, in the main, steer
clear of folks by posting replies to my own
posts. But folks've 'objected' to my doing
this, which is the only way "kill-filing" will
actually work.

I'm just trying to carry out my obligation
to neuroscience.

I don't particularly enjoy 'talking to myself'
in a thread, but I've just been trying to
communicate the stuff I've discovered that
neuroscience had not recognized.

I will continue to do that, because, to not
do so would constitute mass murder.

What's here, stated, I'll appreciate it if folks
will do neuroscience with me.

If not, "kill-file" my ID, and, kindly, allow
me to do the work that I'm here in b.n to do.

k. p. collins

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