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> David,
> Thanks for the lengthy account, it looks like
> you and Glen have your work cut out.
> As for the current state of bionet.neuro-
> science, it is such a shame that a while
> ago good things  were happening here
> but that "strange attractor" has done it
> again. I find this to be a fascinating
> phenomenon in itself, seen it quite a few
> times over the years. What is it about
> irrationality that constantly catches our
> attention, makes us look inside this
> Atrocity Exhibition? I used to say to
> people that I'm popular because of the
> Freak Show Factor, there seems to be
> a certain different type of popularity for
> a different type of freakishness revealing
> itself here. It reminds me of Bart Simpson:
> look at me! look at me! If I believed in
> the existence of "selves" I'd be sure I'm
> watching one self destruct.
> I'll come back in a few days and see if
> the dust has settled.
> John H.

I'm replying, here, because of the thread title.

The "strange attractor" is 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, and what I've been do-
ing, and will continue to do, is expose the way
it virtually Dictates all aspects of Human inter-
active dynamics.

That these ad hominem attacks recur Predict-
ably is just more of why the way 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization Needs to be ex-
posed for what it is. It is the Destroyer of
Humanity. It's underpins all War, all Terror-
ism, all 'profit seeking' that is blind to the way
it Ravages Innocents. It underpins the Isolation-
ism that has overcome American 'leadership',
and which has had that 'leadership' in a head-
long rush that's =only= Counterproductive
with respect to its own Stated Goals.

I've understood the Costs inherent in exposing
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization for
what it is.

But, doing so is =just= Neuroscience, isn't it?


What's been 'funny', to me, has been the way
that 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
has Dictated to 'neuroscience' that it will remain
'blind' to Neuroscience.

Nothing that wasn't already in the books 30
'years' ago is required to see 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization for what it is.

Yet, 'neuroscience' is 'strangely-attracted' to not
seeing it, still?

If your 'worries' about a "self", "destructing" are
with respect to 'me', then put them away.

All that's been going on is what happens =when-
ever= the 'veil' is lifted-from absence-of-under-
standing, and the 'reaction' is =always= propor-
tional to the magnitude of the absence-of-under-
standing from which the 'veil' is lifted.

Back in Ancient 'times', they used to Crucify folks
who did what I'm doing - or burn them at the
stake, stone them to death, etc.

Here in the U. S., the Native Americans were
Slaughtered and Africans captured and taken
to the U. S. to 'exist' as Slaves.

And when Native Americans and\or African
Americans did, in their ways, what I am doing,
they were Slaughtered, wipped, or lynched -
even within the last 'century'.

It happens all around the world - just last 'week',
there were riots in Kosovo - one group 'blindly'-
and-automatically Ravaging another.

All I did was to use Neuroscience to explain How
and Why all of this Atrocity arises within nerovus
systems, while, simultaneously, showing that Hu-
manity can, in fact, lift itself up above it.

But, for having done so, 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization 'sees' me as 'bad', and 'Lynches'

In our 'modern times', folks do the same-old,
same-old acts of Prejudice via Libel, Slander,
Character-Assination,and 'just' plain ostraciza-
tion that, in my case, is literally cutting-me-off
from the means to Survive.

The 'modern' forms are just ad Deadly as were
the Ancient ones, but much more Sinister, be-
cause folks're Trained in being-'blind' to what
they do in the name of Prejudice.


I Stand in the face of such.

Because I've literally Seen, with my own eyes,
whence it comes.

Someone has to do this, or that which will "self
Destruct" will be Humanity.

So I do it, and note the Progress that's indicated
in the Forceful-'moving away from' that would

K. P. Collins

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