The Neural Topologies of Nervous Systems

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Continuing, at the end of my prior post.

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> Hi, it's a long story, but, over the course
> of the last 33+ years, I've Proven that all
> nervous systems are rigorously structural-
> ly ordered in ways that enable them to
> "seek" a =single= information-processing
> "goal".
> The work I've done shows that, behavior
> that is "appropriate" within the external ex-
> periential environment is produced as a by-
> product of the degree to which this single
> "goal" is, in fact, achieved.
> The rigorous structural order that enables
> nervous systems to "seek" this single "goal"
> can be "read" at any locus within a nervous
> system because the neural Topology is lit-
> erally a physical implimentation of this
> single-"goal"-seeking structural order.
> I'd like to discuss this, and its ramifications
> with respect to Human behavioral dynamics,
> here in bionet.neuroscience.

The single 'goal' that nervous systems neural
Topologies are Rigorously-structured to
achieve is the 'blindly'-automated minimization
of the topologically-distributed relative ratios of
Excitation to Inhibition.

This can be stated compactly as:

TD E/I-minimization.

No matter where one looks within nervous sys-
tems, and no matter at what scale one looks
within nervous systems, the neural Topology
is =always= Rigorously-structured to allow it
to achieve the =single= 'goal' of TD E/I-mini-

Of course, since the neural Topology is Elegantly
globally-integrated, it is most often necessary to
cross-correlate interconnected loci to disclose
the TD E/I-minimization structure.

Examples of how to do this neural-topological
cross-correlation are given in my monograph,
"On the Automation of Knowing within Central
Nervous Systems, A Brief Introduction to Neuro-
scientific Duality Theory" [otherwise referred to
as NDT and AoK]. I send out AoK, gratis, in the
form of an electronic-'book', to anyone who wants
to receive it. It's sent as a self-extracting attachment,
and runs under MSDOS[tm], Windows[tm], or
Linux that has an MSDOS or Windows emulator.
The attachment size is about 350kbytes, and it ex-
pands to about one Megabyte.

I want to communicate an understanding of the
TD E/I-minimization Principle, how it works within
nervous systems, how to work with it, and what it
means with respect to understanding Human be-
havior, as widely as is Possible, because the way
that the TD E/I-minimization Principle is actualized
within nervous systems underpins the totality of
"man's inhumanity to man", and the work I've done
shows how such underpinning-inhumanity can, in
fact, be Transcended.

It is my position that the Survival of Humanity is
dependent upon the establishment of a Generalized
comprehension of how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-

Toward this communications goal, I want to meet
with folks, in-person, to discuss the stuff that's
newly-Reified in AoK [and to continue with all of
NDT, if that is possible].

k. p. collins

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