Ken, pay attention - CORRECTION

NMF nm_fournier at
Sun Mar 21 20:53:39 EST 2004

> You've replied in a way that completely
> ignores Truth.

Really??? I ignored the truth.  Let me get this straight, I confused
something when you posted this same statement over 30 times in one day?

> Where has 'dinosaur' gone?
> 'Interesting'

 I fail to see the point to this statement.   Do you realise that this
comment (and only this comment) was presented over thirty times across
different threads.  You then stated that you did this on purpose.    It must
be nice to have this much time to be able to waste like this.

Listen. Every day you basically write on average 5 to 10 comments.  3/4 of
them are corrections on the previous thing you wrote.  That's fine. I don't
care about that.  Do you what you like.

Post as many messages as you like.  But I begin to have a problem when
people act like idiots.  And what you did, presenting the above comment over
thirty times for no reason, was completely moronic.   How does posting the
same idiotic thing 30 times relates to NDT or TD E/I minimization?  It
doesn't.  If you really did that on purpose then your an idiot.

Stick to presenting your ideas on NDT and other related neuroscience and
science themes, all of this peripheral stuff is irrelevant (i.e. whether or
not KPC is mentally unsound.  F*CK who cares.  Yes, really. It can be
frustrating but honestly who cares) and disruptive (i.e. presenting the same
comment (see above) thirty times).

This is a complete waste.  With respect to the individuals in here that are
interested in discussing science and not bitching or complaining about why
their stuff doesn't get published, those are the people that make this a
worthwhile ng.  And I enjoy discussing concepts with them and I have learned
a lot.  For that, I am grateful.  (That also goes for you too KPC. I enjoy
your discussions.  It's this shit that is annoying, stupid, and pointless)

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