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> } I've explained, in another post of mine in
> } this thread, BTW, that I posted 34 unique
> } msgs that define a Problem that I am work-
> } ing on.
> The evidence proves me right. Others' observa-
> tions support it. You're trying to argue against
> data. You really do have a problem.

Hello, can you read?

I Claimed my actions, and Stated their Puropse, at
the first opportunity to do so, explaining that I'd not
~"posted the same thing even once".

Another poster went on with some 'imaginings'
about ~"computer problems", and I reiterated
that I'd posted the msgs in the Problem-Set, in
order to Work on the Problem.

Nary a Lie.

I 'move toward' Truth.


> } As far as I'm concerned, using a pseudoID
> } is an act of Unthinkable-Cowardice, and
> } Completely-without-Ethic when it's done
> } in a Science place.
> Nobody cares what liars think about ethics.

Yeah, but some of us Study the Problem,

Among other things, I'm Studying why you so-
forcefully 'jumped' 'me' when I was just beginning
a much-longer Analysis that I wanted to share
with the OP, in the 'time' frame in which you did so.
I'm Studying how you steered your 'jumping' of
'me' to your 'sattements' with respect to 'newness'
and I'm cross-correlating to 'stock market' dyn-
amics. Among other things that I'm Studying.

Mostly, I'm Analyzing your Falsehood, and the way
you bandied-it-about - without even knowing what
"Topology" is, how you went on about ~"arbitrary
time series", when the OP had given reference to
cerebellar data. How you 'ignored' that, and just
started 'trashing' 'me'.

And, my Analysis was done in real-'time', during
the 17 'minutes' during which the msgs I posted
were posted.

The Problem-Set is Rich with Opportunity for

I Expect I'll be working in-it into the future.

"Where has 'dinosaur' gone?"

k. p. collins

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