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Clarification, below.

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> False. False. False.

Clarification with respect to "anoyance":

Well, there is "anoyance", on =both= 'sides'.

But that's 'just' in the main point of NDT.

Folks that experience this or that as being 'unfamiliar',
to the degree of that, concommitantly experience
TD E/I(up) within their nervous systems.

A common term that 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization has assigned to this internal physical
reality is [among many others], "anoyance".

Such terms are converged-upon in absence-of-
understanding, and, at best, only result in rendering
what needs to be done 'invisible', and, at worst,
constitute a 'shouting' across the "zone of random-
ness" [AoK, Ap4], in a way that augments TD E/I
in an "inwardly-spiralling" way [AoK, Ap8] that
leads to interpersonal Tragedy.

So, it's not actually "anoying" - even though it's often
'dismissed', and\or 'excused', as such.

Instead, it's 'just' more Important stuff that's been
left uncomprehended.

k. p. collins

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