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Please stop doing this. It really is odd behaviour. I know you 
rationalise it to yourself, but that's odd behaviour too. If anyone is 
afflicted it's you.

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>"Our ties with India, Pakistan different: U.S.
>By Sridhar Krishnaswami"
>Quoting from The =Hindu= Article:
>"WASHINGTON, MARCH 24. The State Department has
>taken the position that the United States' relations with India
>and Pakistan are different; and that if New Delhi does not
>see an interest in the status of a major non-NATO ally
>that is "fine" with Washington."
>To The Citizenry of India:
>Please understand that this sort of 'flippant' remark is a 'disease'
>with which current U. S. 'leadership' is afflicted.
>=Of course= the U.S. Understands the Delicacy of relations
>between India and Pakistan, and that it's in the best interests
>of the U. S. to foster enhancements in India-Pakistan relations.
>Don't be 'misled' by folks who speak without thinking.
>k. p. collins
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