Tapered Harmony 2004-03-25

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> [...]

> http://www.nytimes.com/
> [...] "U.S. Will Give Cold Fusion Second Look,
> After 15 Years"
> I've not yet been able to read the =NYT=
> Article, but expect that, when I do, I'll see
> that the stuff upon which it Reports will be
> just another instance of Work that I've done
> being 'borrowed' - this 'time', with respect
> to Tapered Harmony.
> [...]

I've read the Article, and I stand on what I

What's happening is that the SSW<->UES
harmonics are being 'nudged' across thresh-
holds, brought to that 'point' by the mutual
actions of 'standard' SSW<->UES harmon-
ics being juxtaposed in ways that hadn't
been tried before, and, when this happens,
with the juxtapositions and the 'nudge' being
within the thresholding range, the UES-flow
is literally gated. And this stuff is Strongly-
tunable. [The "Abundance on Wings" graph-
ic on my defunct web site maps the overall
route to this tuning.]

There's a guy, with whom I shared the mak-
ings of a tuna sandwitch some 'years' back,
who knows 'where I'm coming-from' with
respect to the matter that I've discussed,

k. p. collins

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