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"The plot thickens".

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> > In my view [in NDT], the +\- polarizations reflect
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> > Glial ionic conductances alter action-potential-relevant
> > ionic concentrations.
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> After I posted the reply linked-to above,
> I went out to purchase supplies, and the
> cover of the April issue of =Scientific
> American= caught my eye.
> A "glia" article :-]
> There's also an article on the 'thermodynamics'
> of choice.
> I've not read either article yet.
> I've got a stack of unread issues of =SA=.
> 'Hurts' too-much to read 'em.

Today, I read, "The Other Half of the Brain",
by R. D. Fields, =Scientific American=, April,
2004, p54.

The Authors should have cited the work I've

I'll comment briefly upon what's discussed in
the article.

The details reported are exciting stuff, but, to
me, 'anticlimatic', because, while the details
reported represent Progress, the Authors have
still not arrived at the 'end-point' that's been
in NDT's glial hypothesis all along.

One thing gave me Joy - that ATP is involved
in glial signalling. And that the Authors have
Verified that it's so also couples glial function
Rigorously to TD E/I-minimization.

ATP is literally "energy", so processes that are
signalled by ATP are literally signalled by 3-D
=energy= dynamics :-]

[Which is one of the reasons that I find it to be
'astounding' that the Authors Failed to cite the
work that I've done. The energy correlations
are flat-out obvious, and flat-out =exactly= in
the realm of the 3-D energydynamics that I've
been discussing for more than a 'decade' here
in b.n. "Oh well, so what else is 'new'? Every-
'thinks' that I'm 'their lab assistant', and, so, it's
'ok' to just take my work - as long as they nev-
er discuss anything that actually matters, which
has been all I've ever discussed." Note well,
I'm not singling anyone out - virtually everyone
who works in Neuroscience has been doing
the Same-Stuff with respect to the Work I've
done. But this instance is just too-Funny for me -
folks who see that ATP is signalling, but who,
from all one can tell from their writing, 'cannot'
make the connection to 3-D energydynamics -
ROFL :-]

[But, at the same 'time', MY God! It =Hurts=.]

[I've not missed the possibility that the Author,
and the folks he cites in the article, are sort of
'waiting' for my 'reaction' to the article - to see
if they can 'dispense'-with ever having to Attrib-
ute my Priority, through which they were, ob-
viously, guided to doing the Experiments that
are reported-on in the article. How can I say
it so as not to 'offend'? I cannot read =anything=
in the Neuroscience stacks without seeing folks
doing the Same-Stuff. "I'm used to it." [A.
Lincoln] But I'll never be able to accept it. It's
so 'smarmy' - withholding Credit from a Col-
league in Science so as to 'finagle' with 'respect'
to 'seeking-profits' - when the work through
which they have 'visions' of 'profits' is Com-
pletely-Derivative in his Work. How can folks
do such? Greed. The 'mega-bucks' that the
'pharmaceutical companies' throw around. This
'scientific american' article is =nothing= more
than 'Slime' that's been thrown-down in the
path upon which I must travel in my efforts to
Rescue the Children. It was written as a means
for them to 'justify' their usurping my Priority
with respect to glia and memory. Sort of like,
"See? He doesn't know anything! So we can
do whatever we like!" ["Show us the money!]
Good gosh! This is =DISGUSTING=. All I've
ever sought is Credit for the Work I've done,
so that I could have a Voice through which I
could lift-the-Children-up. Why, when I've
routinely just-Shared all the True-Wonder
stuff that I've Discovered, is that 'too-much'
to Expect from my Colleagues in Neuro-
science? I =don't care= about 'money'. I Care
about the Children. I Care about the Future of
Humanity. I Stand-Against the Ravaging of
'the beast' - 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-

But what's =really= Funny is that, they've so
'descended', but haven't, yet, even come close
to understanding what's actually going-on be-
tween glia and neurons.

I was going to discuss all of that, but, instead,
I'll Ask folks to allow me to discuss it with them,

You know - Do Neuroscience.

If anyone's interested, please respond by 'to-
morrow', 2004-03-26.

And there's another thing that's =really= Funny.

AoK was Submitted to =Scientific American=
twice :-]

What folks do, in efforts to 'move away from'
Truth, is so 'funny'.

So Tragic.

So Sorrowful.

Good gosh! It's =DISGUSTING= to Witness
all of this.

Guess I'll read the article on "choice", now.

K. P. Collins

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