increase in electrode resistance

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> I agree with Matt -- this type of question
> is really what the news group was intended for.
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Yes, of course.

But nervous =system= function is also Neuroscience.

What I do is just 'unfamiliar' to folks who've been
trained in the 'normal' way.

I work on the overall Problem because no one else
works on the overall Problem, and the overall Prob-
lem =needs= to be Solved.

I Know there's great-worth in the work I do, and
that it benefits =everyone= who works in Neuro-

What better use is there for bionet.neuroscience?

Of course, Elizabeth's Query is smack in the
middle of the grind through which Neuroscience
advances at a detailed 'level'. And I enjoy reading
such discussions, too.

Cheers, Dr. Norman, ken [k. p. collins]

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