increase in electrode resistance

Christian Wilms usenet at
Fri Mar 26 04:41:34 EST 2004

Matt Jones <jonesmat at> wrote:

> To put the above in perspective, in whole cell patch clamp recording,
> one typically uses a big pipette tip (small resistance, on order 1-5
> MOhm), whereas the cell membrane is much much higher resistance
> (~50-1000 MOhm). In Elizabeth's situation, she's using fairly high
> resistance pipettes to begin with (90-120 MOhm), and I'm guessing that
> her cells have membrane resistance not too much higher than that
> (maybe 200-500 MOhm). If her pipette resistance climbs to >300 MOhm,
> this is going to introduce a potentially very large series resistance
> error.
Isn't that effect compensated by using the bridge clamp mode instead of
the "classic" current clamp? As far as I remember one can quite easily
compensate the voltage drop over the series resitance by adjusting the

Cheers, Chris

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