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> Is there no Mercy?

There is very little mercy - "Mother nature" is not motherly and "God" is a
so far sufficiently adaptive phylogentically emerged
gene/brain-space-pattern of "What Is, going on" and most certainly neither
good nor fatherly - so try to wake up, and be more wary. ;-)

If you really _do_ want to be seen and heard, and _honestly_ believe that
your ideas can be accepted, then at least make sure you accommodate people
by making what you have written, and always refer to, _easily available_ on
the Net.

And stop biting the hand of those that feel like reading (and looking upon
you) and your integrative effort in an genuinely friendly and open-minded
way. I am referring to people like Neil and others that has at least shown
genuine interest in your metaphors, promised maths, or whatever ideas that
are more or less uniquely yours.

Me personally, I don't mind trading thoughts with or probing the minds of to
me interesting and in some way intelligent and/or unusual people; And I also
don't mind taking bites out of aggressively arrogant and shallow academic
charlatans -- as long as it provides me with a stimulating challenge.

It is at least a safer AEVASIVE preoccupation than cage-fighting. %-}

In my humble EPT view and opinion, your thinking is far more advanced and
less 'thickly AEVASIVE' than, e.g., that of any Pope (just to pick a really
"tall poppy");
This even though both the Pope and you are 'possessed' by the same powerful
(human phenotype characterizing, and in our phylogeny _ambi-advantageously_
selected) adaptation - i.e. Religiosity. %-)

Another personal opinion - of course also EPT (and inevitably also
AEVASIVE) - of mine is that you, Ken, are no more a nuisance (to me) than
some sleezy and slightly more academically well versed and far more
mainstream members of society - that is, at least as it appears on their
bland surfaces.

I am most specifically referring to two bigoted bores, blantant baiters, and
vivisectionist experimentalists à la Skinner.

I am allowed to have an anti-Skinner prejudice - ain't I ? ;-)

Lastly, just to make sure that a few more bees are stirred under those boys'
bonnets, I'll briefly explain, yet again - just in case these two turDgid
fellows are insane enough to read this! - that my EPT opinions are held in
accord with what I am able to see from my science-aligned (or ~SEPTIC~)
philanthropically oriented oracular philosophical overview or outlook, or
position of upbeat unifying concEPTualized understanding, of our phylogeny
(and ontogeny), brain, and behaviour; And, that my understanding is
encapsulated - as far as I found possible to - in the mighty metaphorical
meaning of mainly: "AEVASIVE", "CURSES", "SHITS", and "ALQHolism", and a few
auxiliary other concEPTs that are not, or do not contain, acronyms.


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