Boris Beizer proves himself a moron (Re: Russians create artificial human brain)

Lance Sherman lancesherman at
Fri Mar 26 10:51:45 EST 2004

"Cockatrice" <copromorph at> wrote in message
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> Where did Boris Beizer order his Ph.D., from the side of a cereal box?
> "People who still pursue AI from the point of view emulating
> biological processes are so far behind the curve as to be in another
> galaxy."
> -- Boris Beizer.
> Message-ID: <o9HC6.6735$tv1.456330 at>
> WRONG! Most of the cutting edge research in AI involves biomimetics -
> inspired by biological processes. Ever hear of neural nets, Boris?
> Genetic algorithms? Self-evolving hardware? Series Elastic Actuators?
> BEAM robotics? 90% of the AI projects at MIT, Stanford, and other top
> universities?
> Boris hasn't a clue what he's talking about.
> Someone who is that clueless should not be looked at as an authority
> in ANYTHING. Be warned.

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