A Creationist's Refutation of Fermat's Last Theorem

Johannes Seppi jseppi at spamme.not.gmx.at
Sun Mar 28 15:03:43 EST 2004

Jim Burns wrote:

> Johannes Seppi wrote:
>> phil hunt wrote:
>> > It's false, because God says so.
>> >
>> > And if you disagree, I'll scream and scream and scream, and
>> > lobby all the politicians to get mathematics abolished from
>> > the school syllabus.
>> >
>> No, that's too simple, you should at least provide a part of
>> scripture you can massage into going against this theorem.
>> Come back if you found one ;-))
>> Johannes
> This might not count, but there was a recent translation of a
> note in the margins in one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It referred to
> a revelation that certain sums must be possible for an omnipotent
> being, but, unfortunately, there wasn't room for the entire
> revelation. Sorry, I don't have more details.
> Jim Burns
OK, I stand corrected

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