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Wed Mar 31 00:42:28 EST 2004

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 "ken" <kpaulc@[remove]> wrote:

> The Challenge remains.
> Someone, Please, select an Experimental result
> [replicable, Formally-Published, preferably with
> respect to the functional Neuroanatomy, and pref-
> erably from =Nature Neuroscience] with which to
> put NDT to the Test.

OK, I will supply the method section of a paper, you can apply NDT to 
the system under study, and tell us what the experimental results ought 
to be.  I'll then supply the results and we can see NDT's ability to 
explain the operation of the nervous system.  You can even specify the 
region of the CNS and the type of study if you like.

> This Goal =needs= an Explicit Challenge in-Experi-
> ment.

You got it.


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