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Hi Matthew,

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> > The Challenge remains.
> >
> > Someone, Please, select an Experimental result
> > [replicable, Formally-Published, preferably with
> > respect to the functional Neuroanatomy, and pref-
> > erably from =Nature Neuroscience] with which to
> > put NDT to the Test.
> OK, I will supply the method section of a paper,
> you can apply NDT to the system under study,
> and tell us what the experimental results ought
> to be.  I'll then supply the results and we can
> see NDT's ability to explain the operation of
> the nervous system.  You can even specify the
> region of the CNS and the type of study if you
> like.
> > This Goal =needs= an Explicit Challenge in-Experi-
> > ment.
> You got it.
>          Matthew.

Haven't we been over the 'rules' already,
and didn't we Disagree.

I need a Ref that I can study, and follow
the chain of Refs it Cites, all the way
back to when NDT became Unified.

I guess I can do it your way, but It'll
just be a =lot= more work, and a =lot= more
ex$pensive, because I'll not be able to know
from the Methods section of a Paper anything
more than what cell-type[s], or 'area' is
being studied -- which is an open-ended
question, because I can discuss any 'area'
of the nervous system with respect to what's
going on within =any other= area of the
nervous system.

Do you see the Problem?

I'm faced with having to Write a Book to
address the one Challenge.

Or are you just wanting to see whether I
actually know how to work in the Neuro-
science stacks?

I do.

"Oh well"... Fire-away.

But, I Admonish you, do not do any "April Fool's"
type stuff.

In Addressing your Challenge, I'll be having
to use $ that I Need to eat.

I gained some weight over the winter.

Guess I can pull my belt in.

Please don't choose something Trivial or
Boring -- choose something that you know
actually constitutes an Unresolved Problem.

And, for the sake of avoiding 'conflicts of
interest', =no= TMS.

k. p. collins

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